Domino Theory: After two years of defined progression, the pieces are finally falling into place for Silent Old Mtns.

by Andrew Bailey

The following is a preview of a story I wrote for the April/May edition of Frederick Gorilla magazine. Complete links are included below.


With a Jolly Roger flag flapping lightly off the side of the porch, in the basement of a house off Jefferson Street in Frederick, the six members of Silent Old Mtns., surrounded by guitars and drums, talk a lot about “dominoes.” The biggest domino yet — a yellow shortbus the band funded on Kickstarter and acquired last year for touring — sits in the driveway of what serves as both practice space and residence to three of the band’s members.

“It was the first in a very significant line of dominoes that just kind of fell into place for us,” explains drummer Pat Acuña of the now-fabled bus. “A lot of real good — I don’t want to say luck — just good fortune: things that, I don’t want to say we weren’t ambitious enough to accept, but stuff that has never happened in other bands. I’ve been in four bands and I’ve never had things fall into our lap like this.”

Andrew Bromhal, the band’s founder, recruited Acuña and Thom Huenger to cover percussion and keys, respectively, for a show at Baltimore’s Ottobar in 2011. In the two years since, they’ve added Steve Younkins (bass), Samuel Whalen (banjo and spoken word) and Joe Jalette (guitar) to the roster.


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You can find out more about Silent Old Mtns. by visiting their official website here and you can stream their debut album, Velvet Raccoon, on Spotify here.